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Fair Weather (Bookburners Season 1 Episode 3)- Review

Bookburners Season 1 Episode 2 Review


Author: Margaret Dunlap

45 pages

Genre: Urban Fantasy

Sinopsis: The Team saves on flight costs as the newest mystery happens around the corner. A tip from a local antiquarian doesn’t make it to the Team in time and they are left with a once-bookstore-now-rubble-pile, a missing magical tome, and very few clues beyond a helpful tour guide (one might even say too helpful…). Tracking the missing book to a luxury yacht, the Team gets less of the high-end boating experience and more of the demon-on-the-loose nightmare. All aboard the Fair Weather; but no smooth sailing ahead.

Source: Netgalley (in exchange for an honest review)

This episode tells the story of yet another book surfacing, this time in Rome.

The story’s intriguing and the ending made me need to read the following episode as soon as possible.

This episode showed Team 3’s relationship with Team 1, something that made the story…intense.

We can also see that Sal’s character is evolving and she’s becoming smarter.

This episode’s writing was different from the other episodes, it showed a lot of sarcasm.

Rating: 4 stars

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