Doctor Sleep (The Shining Sequel) – Book Review

16130549Author: Stephen King

531 pages

Genre: Horror

Sinopsis: On highways across America, a tribe of people called The True Knot travel in search of sustenance. They look harmless – mostly old, lots of polyester, and married to their RVs. But as Dan Torrance knows, and spunky 12-year-old Abra Stone learns, The True Knot are quasi-immortal, living off the “steam” that children with the “shining” produce when they are slowly tortured to death.

Haunted by the inhabitants of the Overlook Hotel where he spent one horrific childhood year, Dan has been drifting for decades, desperate to shed his father’s legacy of despair, alcoholism, and violence. Finally, he settles in a New Hampshire town, an AA community that sustains him, and a job at a nursing home where his remnant “shining” power provides the crucial final comfort to the dying. Aided by a prescient cat, he becomes “Doctor Sleep.”

Then Dan meets the evanescent Abra Stone, and it is her spectacular gift, the brightest shining ever seen, that reignites Dan’s own demons and summons him to a battle for Abra’s soul and survival.

Source: Bought it (in English) – HAUL

This book takes place a few decades after the ending of The Shining.

This book’s writing is, in a word, perfect. The words flow in harmony and in such a way that made me feel exactly what the characters were feeling. The point of view switches are spot-on and keep us hooked on the book.

The story itself is very intense. The book starts with creepy stuff and the last scenes made my heart jump. Also, given that there are several points of view, the story can be more intriguing.

I love this book’s characters. You get to know Hallorann’s past, which is a lot darker than expected. It’s also great to see Danny again, this time as a grown man. The ”villains” are written in that unique way that can make you say ”the villain’s my favorite character”. Every character feels real, all of them act and think like a real human. They also evolve beautifully.

The ending itself made me feel sad, I was saying goodbye to the characters that felt as friends.

Do yourself a favor. Read this book.

Rating: 5 stars


Big Sky (Bookburners Season 1 Episode 6)- Review

Bookburners Season 1 Episode 5


Author: Brian Francis Slattery

45 pages

Genre: Urban Fantasy

Sinopsis: Weather Alert: Tornado eating titans on the loose in Oklahoma. There might not be much upon the open, wind-swept plains of Oklahoma—but magic, like life, finds a way to thrive
nevertheless. In this week’s episode the Team is literally blown away when they touch down in a tiny country town, utterly destroyed by horrifying monsters the locals call Tornado Eaters. The town is past saving but the threat remains—it will take all the Society can throw at them and
even that might not be enough. Readers, and Sal, will finally get their first look at just what heat Team One is packing…but quickly learn that words wreak more havoc than even the most
imaginative weapons.

Source: Netgalley (in exchange for an honest review)

On this episode, Team Three goes to a town in Oklahoma. We also get to see the attire and method that Team One uses. Also, we finally figure out what Team Two actually does.

The writing’s great and made me feel sorry for Sal.

The plot was intense and made me feel anxious about the characters’ futures. It also made me feel sad, angry and disappointed at the same time while reading.

This was a great heart-wrenching episode.

Rating: 5 stars

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Orphan Black Season 2- Show Review

Orphan Black Season 1 Review

OB s2

Creators: John Fawcett, Graeme Manson and Kim Coghill

10 episodes

Sinopsis: A streetwise hustler is pulled into a compelling conspiracy after witnessing the suicide of a girl who looks just like her. 

Source: Netflix

This season is a direct sequel of the previous.

The characters grow more realistic after every episode and the plot thickens as time passes.

This is a great season, I’d say even better than the first one. I state that because, when it comes to this one, I wasn’t able to predict anything.

The season’s ending baffled me, I didn’t want the season to end there.

Overall, this is a great season that’s a part of a great show.

Rating: 5 stars

The Market Arcanum (Bookburners Season 1 Episode 5)- Review

Bookburners Season 1 Episode 4


Author: Margaret Dunlap

45 pages

Genre: Urban Fantasy

Sinopsis: The first rule of the Market is you do not talk about the Market.

When a mysterious invite arrives in the mail and Father Menchu responds by whisking Sal off to Lichtenstein, the former cop is left on very new ground as she gets more than a glimpse at the broader world of magic users. Unfortunately, they are immediately confronted by a wealthy business man who is less upset about them blowing up his boat two episodes ago, as he is about them stealing his (sludge-demon releasing) book. When the three remaining Team members back in Rome suddenly find themselves under attack, Sal and Menchu are left scrambling for how to help and have to turn to the peculiar techno-cultists whose computers run on seahorses and have a pointed interest in the cop sister of their acquaintance Perry. Welcome to the Market Arcanum.

Source: Netgalley (in exchange for an honest review)

In this episode we get to know the Market Arcanum, which is exactly what it sounds like.

I feel that this episode’s writing’s probably this season’s best so far.

The plot’s very interesting and showed that the author possesses a lot of wit.

The cast of characters is pretty much the same. However, we get to know some key aspects about Menchú’s past.

To top it off, this episode’s endind was nerve wrecking.

Rating: 5 stars

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Bookburners Season 1 Episode 6 Review

Orphan Black Season 1- Show Review


Creators: John Fawcett, Graeme Manson and Kim Coghill

10 episodes

Sinopsis: A streetwise hustler is pulled into a compelling conspiracy after witnessing the suicide of a girl who looks just like her. 

Source: Netflix

This show tells the story of a woman, Sarah, that sees another woman commit suicide and ends up taking over her identity.

The actress that plays Sarah Manning, Tatiana Manslany, is very talented. She plays characters with wildly different personalities perfectly and I’m glad she has won awards for her roles in this show.

The show’s plot is very interesting and even though I already had a feeling some of the twists were going to happen, I enjoyed them nonetheless.

The characters are dynamic, their traits are well thought out.

I really liked this first season, I’m sure I’ll watch the others. Also, the final episode made my heart throb.

I highly recommend this show if you enjoyed Gone Girl, like sci-fi or are happy with strong women defending each other.

Rating: 5 stars

Orphan Black Season 2 Review

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