The Market Arcanum (Bookburners Season 1 Episode 5)- Review

Bookburners Season 1 Episode 4


Author: Margaret Dunlap

45 pages

Genre: Urban Fantasy

Sinopsis: The first rule of the Market is you do not talk about the Market.

When a mysterious invite arrives in the mail and Father Menchu responds by whisking Sal off to Lichtenstein, the former cop is left on very new ground as she gets more than a glimpse at the broader world of magic users. Unfortunately, they are immediately confronted by a wealthy business man who is less upset about them blowing up his boat two episodes ago, as he is about them stealing his (sludge-demon releasing) book. When the three remaining Team members back in Rome suddenly find themselves under attack, Sal and Menchu are left scrambling for how to help and have to turn to the peculiar techno-cultists whose computers run on seahorses and have a pointed interest in the cop sister of their acquaintance Perry. Welcome to the Market Arcanum.

Source: Netgalley (in exchange for an honest review)

In this episode we get to know the Market Arcanum, which is exactly what it sounds like.

I feel that this episode’s writing’s probably this season’s best so far.

The plot’s very interesting and showed that the author possesses a lot of wit.

The cast of characters is pretty much the same. However, we get to know some key aspects about Menchú’s past.

To top it off, this episode’s endind was nerve wrecking.

Rating: 5 stars

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